Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A picture post!

I've been asking Jeff to take a good picture of me for ages... apparently I clean up well ;) I won't show you the pics BEFORE makeup ;)

Madeline is nursing her pig... olivia her snail?

Evil Phoenix just learned how to crawl. Apparently it will be our undoing ;)

Slinging with Daddy in Fort George Park

I am sooooo cute

Model? Madeline?


Robyn said...

i adore the Evil Phoenix picture! and i didn't think it was possible for a child to have eyes as big as olivia's...she really is anime, isn't she?!

i love picture posts.

it's me, Val said...

Your children are ADORABLE!!! I am not sure I've ever seen pics of them before. . . Oh how I would love to photograph them. They are beautiful! I'm going to keep coming back for more pictures of them . . . and whoever else you might throw up there like Harry Potter?! (hint, hint!)