Sunday, May 27, 2007

mish mash mosh

My son is crawling. We're in for it ;)

We're going to see Shrek the Third today as a family. My inlaws sent me a cheque for my birthday so I'm taking everyone as my treat. I'm hoping Phoenix does alright! I can't believe he'll be 1 in less than a week!!!!!

We had a good time at my parents last night. We had bbq'ed hamburgers and they were delicious. We did smores as well and the girls enjoyed that. We actually managed to have nice conversations and I felt like I was being heard for one. It was nice.

I asked Jeff to cancel my birthday thing for tomorrow night. It was not well organized and I didn't want him calling people the day before asking them to come. I find that rude when people do that to me so I didn't want to be the reason it was being done to others. And really? When you get to this age the only people that care about your birthday is your kids anyways! I didn't want to have to spend my whole birthday cleaning my house, making a cake and generally stressed about having guests. Not my idea of a good time. It probably sounds like I am pissed and annoyed at jeff... but I'm not. Just disappointed. I'll get over it ;)

I wish my kids would stop fighting. They are annoying me. They are making me repeat everything 4 or 5 times. I don't have the patience for this today... well I'm being patience but I sure as fuck don't feel like it.

Oh but I got to sleep to 11am today so that was cool!

Oh and cause we're really really broke I don't actually get a birthday present. Maybe I'll buy myself something when my mother goose money comes in. I really want a new pair of Birks.

Apparently Rose is still dropping off a present for tomorrow night. I really wish people would not spend money on me that is way better off spent elsewhere. Money is tight for everyone these days.


Robyn said...

i have a pressie for you too (and dammit, you know i'm going to spend money on you whether you like it or not!) should i bring it over tomorrow, or is there going to be birthday festivities in the near future?

you know we love you, girlie, and we wanna celebrate your birthday!

Frogmorest said...

no birthday festivities (for me at least!) in the near future. I'll be home for most of the day though if you want to come visit :) Just gotta pick Maddy up at 2:30 but I'll be back by three :) I know you lurve me... how could you not? lol!