Saturday, February 25, 2006

I don't advise having pre labour contractions...

Cause they hurt
and they suck
and they make you very scared.

I just got back home after a 24 hour stay on the maternity floor at the hospital. Thursday night I started having tons of braxton hicks... which turned into contractions every 4 minutes lasting about 30 seconds. They took blood and urine and couldn't find an infection. Final diagnosis? Irritable uterus. Reason? 6 orgasms ... really fun but apparently not good if you have an irritable uterus.

So tons of fluids and bed rest over night. It was so sweet to hear all the new babies Our baby is doing fine, hates the doppler though The good news is these contractions were not changing my cervix any... though I do have a u/s on monday to check the length.

My contractions finally slowed to about one an hour and I got sprung from that joint this morning. Memo to self... next time claim you are a vegetarian so they don't try to serve you the mystery meat *shudder*

So scary, but ok.

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