Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Nesting and potty learning

Two separate things

I decided to rearrange the girls bedrooms today. I've done O's. Since we're potty learning I've moved the change table out of her room and moved everything around. Collected a big bin of toys to take back downstairs to the rec room (they migrate during the dark of night I tell ya) vacuumed and cleaned. Looks good! Took two hours though... blerg. After a short break I'm off to do M's which is always a challange.

So yah... O is potty learning. She's almost 2 3/4 (the age M learned) so it's time. She's been dry in panties for two whole days! (nights are a completely nother animal) But she's been holding her poop for 3 days. After repeated asking her to poop today she waited until about 15 minutes ago, pooped in her panties and then started to wail about it. I think that might have done the trick She was thoroughly disgusted. I had two in diapers after O was born and I'm in no hurry to repeat that again.

Wish us luck!

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Samurai Shisho said...

Stay dry O, stay dry!!!

Love, Dad