Friday, June 16, 2006


Holy crap we got caught in the mother of all freaking storms today! We were at the water park with Robyn and the kids and we could see storm clouds coming... and coming... and then WHOOSH! Massive winds that were blowing branches off of tree's and almost blowing our little people away! The kids were freaked and crying, the adults were shocked and trying to get the kids dry. Within minutes the park was completely emptied. It was the worst storm I've ever been caught in. We had a good laugh about it after though ;)

Olivia loved her birthday pressies :) After we decided to take our picnic indoors to Robyn's basement we got some take out for dinner, rented Chicken Little and Hoodwinked (jeff and the kids are watching it as we speak) to round out the night. I think the kids had a good time today.

Tomorrow it's house cleaning and getting ready for Liv's party. My friend Jean is making the cake (a pony cake?) and I can't wait to see it!

It just amazes me how much I love our new little man :) My other mother asked me when I was ever going to put him down... I told her that it took me this long to get a happy and healthy baby and I don't INTEND to put him down. He's such a wee cute little guy. Sigh... I'd have 12 more but the body is just not cut out for this any more.

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