Thursday, June 15, 2006

bleeding... babies... birthdays... ballet... food...

It's been a couple of days... lol.

The bleeding stopped, then started (with another er trip) then stopped, then an u/s to rule out leftover manky bits (which none were found) then started again. Blerg. The bleeding is about a medium period right now so not too bad. I talked to my ob this afternoon and she is confident that it's just normal post partum bleeding and that it should resolve with the course of antibiotics that i am on... lets hope!

Phoenix is doing well!!! He sleeps most of the time so far so when he "wakes up" to the world we're really going to be in trouble. He's getting the hang of latching without it taking 40 tries... that's nice! He's pooping tons, peeing like a freaking race horse too and his jaundice is starting to clear up. He's also up to 7 lbs 14 oz today from 7lbs 5 oz 9 days ago :) His thighs are actually starting to get a bit chubby!!!

Olivia turns 3 tomorrow! We're having a birthday party for her on sunday but tomorrow we're going to head to the waterpark with friends around 2ish for a picnic and playtime. We got her a little tykes basketball net thing (for ages 3 and up), two pairs of pj's, treasure chest full of craft supplies, Kumon tracing book and Maddy got her a ballet barbie. We just have to pick up the pool and we're done. Oh and she got her ears pierced!!! Too cute :) Little blue titanium studs.

Maddy's hard at work still for the ballet recital. Grandma rose is putting together her pink rainbow fish costume :) We're going to see the production as a family on the friday night and then daddy will go see on saturday. I have a mother goose picnic to go to with Livvy and Phoenix. She keeps showing us her moves though and they are uber cute.

Robyn made us dinner tonight and got Mike to drop it off before work. It was SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!! A chicken, brocolli and pasta dish, a loaf of warm grain bread and chocolate muffins. Heaven! Jeff wants me to get her recipe for the bread as he nearly went to heaven when he tasted it :) Robyn is way to good to me. I love her to bits.

Speaking of which... Gray (her son) looks huge to me now! Before Phoenix was born he looked so tiny... and now he looks ginormous. So does Olivia for that matter too. It's all a matter of perspective.

Well I need to shower while daddy and Phoenix are watching "puppets who kill" ... yah... good baby tv. lol.

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