Monday, June 26, 2006

I will survive...


The first day was very anti-climactic for me. The girls were fairly well behaved, Phoenix and I slept in a wee bit while the kids ate the cereal that my wonderful husband had poured for them :) He made them sandwiches for lunch and left them in the fridge so when the time came I just added some yoguart and fruit and we were good to go!

I actually even got dressed and ate food myself before noon... it's a red letter day!

Little man is sleeping the heat off today... I feel sorry for wee people that can't get cool. He's just in a romper but he still looks warmish. We're heading out for a bit and the air conditioned drive in the van will be nice.

I asked Olivia if she is ready to wean (her "cousin" and best friend just did at 39 months!) her response... "ummm... no." LOL! Maybe some day ... when she's about 20.

It's my other mother's birthday on wednesday so we're all heading over tomorrow night with cake, ice cream and pressies. I'm off tonight to buy her an angel garden statue... she's into angels.

It's still around +30 outside. It's TOO DAMN HOT!

Nursing a wee babe when it's this hot is hot and sticky business. We generate gallons of sweat between the two of us. Very sexy. Not.

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Karen said...

Nothing worse than the sweat that pools inbetween you and your babe while nursing, huh? Gross!

Love the blog!

:) JerseyMommy