Thursday, June 01, 2006


ONE DAY! Holy shit!

At this time tomorrow I'll be holding my newest little person.
One day.

I'm freaking out here! I've NEVER known when my babies were going to come and it's very wierd to know that. I worry that he/she is not ready, I worry that I am not ready... I worry. I worry because I know all the stats about c-sections and having had two I worry because I know I hate them.

I am so paranoid these past few days about baby moving... It's like I am so close and just even more worried that something could take this joy away.

The girls are estatic. We went out last night and bought Maddy her summer clothes (a whole 4 pairs of shorts and two shirts....) she has plenty of short sleeved shirts, dresses and skorts but only two pairs of shorts. She helped me pick the stuff out and it's really cute. Oh and Olivia got her "biderman" (spiderman) jammies. She's over the moon.

They are at my mom's for the day so jeff and I can get last minute stuff done here at home. We have laundry to do, beds to change, windows to paint... lol.

My grandma is coming over for dinner and then spending the night with us so she can look after the kids in the morning and early afternoon tomorrow. It should be fun.

One day.

Holy shit.

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