Saturday, April 22, 2006

This n that

I THINK my sore throat is not as sore today. At least I can eat without being in terrible pain. Did I mention I am done with being sick? DONE DONE DONE.

My other father is not in good shape. He's been on a heavy duty drug for arthiritus called Embrol. It's been working well but it works by killing your immune system. His dr. informed him that he's had a heart attack (a silent one) and that if anyone is the slightest bit sick he is not allowed around them. So the girls have not even seen their other grandparents in almost a month :( It's making them very sad.

Maddy is at ballet right now and Olivia is eating a fruit cup. The same fruit cup she's been eating for the last half hour. No wonder she's only 28 lbs at almost 3 years old!!!

This baby is doing something very strange to my bladder. It hurts!!!! Since baby has dropped (and neither of my girls ever did) I'm getting all sorts of wierd sensations. Like shooting pains through my cervix... what the heck is that? And if feels like I'm walking with a ball between my legs... baby's head? It's kinda cool :)

My grandmother invited us over for dinner tomorrow. It should be fun. She's got tons of land and the kids can run free without us worrying about people snatching them. Course there are the bears.... oh well. You can't protect them from everything ;) lol!

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