Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Names? Names? My kingdom for a name...

That does not suck. That I don't hate. That everyone can pronounce... you get the idea.

Girl name was easy... Indigo Violet Robyn. Easy Peasy. Except for one little fact... apparently we're not having a girl.

So boy baby was going to be Gryphon. Then Zephyr. Then... then... then... I THINK we're settle on Phoenix. The baby seems to agree and it just works mentally for me. I could never picture this baby being a Gryphon... it just was not right.

So Phoenix. Yep. For today at least.

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Babs said...

Ack! Hehe. Zephyr is one of our names... Well, not exactly. That's the short form and we have the full french name on our list. Female and male form.