Thursday, April 20, 2006

Getting better? Maybe?

Well I got sick. Sicker than sick. The sickest I've ever felt for the longest I've ever felt sick. Then Olivia got sick (pneumonia) then Maddy got sick... but not too too sick. Then Jeff got sick AGAIN! Then I was still sick. Sick sick sick.


But I THINK we're coming out the other side of this. I still have clogged ears and a sore throat but the rest of the symptoms are gone.

On totally unrelated news... my good friend Jean gave birth by repeat c-section yesterday to a little boy :) His name is Alex and we're going to see him tonight. I'm still not sure what her logic was behind the repeat section but... not my body. I gave her my point of view and listened to her and that's all one can do right?

I had my 32 week u/s on tuesday. Everything is great! Baby is growing well and an estimated 4lbs 12 oz. He's still a he... lol.

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