Tuesday, July 08, 2008


So I did manage to get every single freaking fracking thing done on my list today. The littles watched FAR TOO MUCH movies with snacks but hey... it won't kill them.

My house is very very very clean.

We found someone to watch Loki whilst we're gone. Apparently it does not matter to Mike that we've looked after his fucking cats every single time they've gone away for the last FIVE YEARS. He's still pissed that I charged him for watching his kids for three days (and feeding them for three days... while I had double pneumonia... on my kids spring break...) AFTER HE TOLD ME HE'D PAY ME GLADLY! I charged them WAY below going rate too. And I didn't babysit his dog when they went to Vancouver because Loki had Kennel cough. So he's mad. And won't let my dog stay there. I hope he's not planning a vacation soon and asking us to look after his cats.. That's gratitude for you.

So our friend Stacy is going to take him. He'll get to play with Cyrus for the two weeks and she'll do the raw thing for him while he's there (we'll have it all bagged and ready to go.) She's an angel. I really didn't want to take Loki on vacation. Stressful for all involved.

Well I'm bathed and off to bed. K is here at 8 in the morning and I have a busy day for us planned. Playing outside, a long walk, lots of stories, lots of songs. :)

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