Monday, July 07, 2008


I am just frustrated today. We've been looking at buying a new van. We thought for sure today that they'd come back to us with a decent interest rate and that we'd be driving a new van by tomorrow. Well Jeff's stupid student loans that he made a deal to pay off are STILL ON HIS CREDIT RATING. But only until september. So as of september we can get any interest rate that we want. I want a new van NOW though and think that we should just suck up the one or two months of a $600-650 payment and then re-fi in september to get it down to $500. It would only cost us about $300 more than having a good interest rate now.

Jeff wants to fix the brakes (about $200-300) and it needs new roters) fix the a/c (free) and fix the gas gauge (probably about $100 or so). We wouldn't get any more for a trade in on the van.

So it works out to costing us about the same amount of money either which way.

But of course Jeff's in meetings and doing training all day and I can't talk to him about this.

update: I finally got to talk to him and it will be $594 as opposed to $650. I think we'll go for it. We're waiting for one more lender to contact the dealership.


It's clean up day. I have this day free and then daycare for the rest of the week. I don't clean when I have kids here (other than put dishes away, clean trays, wipe crumbs, sweep big chunks of things) during the day and there is no time for big cleans at night so days off it is.

So today I've cleaned the downstairs... bathroom, swept, litter box, swept laundry room, vaccuumed the entire downstairs, cleaned Loki's craft, cleaned the rec room, done three loads of laundry, went through the shoes, vacuumed all of the landing and carpets, collected all of the garbage, organized K's stuff.

I still have to do the upstairs... clean our room (done), bathroom (done), P's room, vacuum (done), sweep (done) and mop (spot washed), dishes, tidy, dust, clean hot spots, clear off fridge, snack plan for the week, sweep deck, clean high chairs, clean windows (done)...

Is there a way to clone myself?

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