Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh yah... whatever...

lol! I'm shaking my head... once again the whole vaccine debate comes up at good ol storknet. I posted that my littles had the pox and we all got through them... this brought up the debate on how anyone could ever dream of exposing their children to the horribly deadly disease that is the POX! (duh duh duuuuummmmmm) Because don't you know that someones aunt best friend's cousins daughter had them and nearly DIED and then their uncle had them and he DID DIE and blah blah blah. Yes... the chicken pox can do damage... VERY VERY RARELY and I'm willing to bet that not as much damage as that fucking vaccine has caused. How about this? How about giving millions of kids a vaccine that will leave them without protection in 10-15 years just in time for them to get them when they are a teenager and CAN be horribly damaged? Of course people say they'll just get the booster... but not everyone will. And people that could have earned life long immunity when they were children are now completely fucked.

Another funny... a couple of weeks ago when I posted on my status on facebook that my littles had the pox and I was happy, a woman that I barely know, who added ME, posts rather passive aggressively on HER status "........ ...... is wondering why anyone would want their child to be sick." How about just WRITING ME and ASKING ME instead of pulling the PA shit that I so enjoy?

I can't believe it's only six more days will christmas. Unreal. I still having stocking stuffers to buy and wrap!!!!!

Well I've watched three episodes of 90210 season three tonight and I am off to shower and hit the hay. Jeff's downstairs watching star wars... again. Uggg.


Anonymous said...

But surely you knew that when you made that post, there would be a debate? You baited them.

Samurai Shisho said...

why are people leaving anonymous comments on a simple blog entry? I'm tired of people who are not willing to own what they say.