Monday, June 30, 2008


It's a hot one! It's been around 30 for days now... we've had a wonderful long weekend so far. My sis and niece came in on saturday and then we spent the day at Hixon campground on Sunday. We ate lots, played lots, swam lots. I didn't bring a suit but managed to get soaked when Phoenix sat down IN THE RIVER, patted the water next to him and commanded "mama... sit!" so sit I did ;) In a floor length skirt and tank top ;) It was SO DELICIOUSLY COOL. Best time evah!

Today we spent the day with my friend Jean and her kids up at her place. It's so nice to hang out with friends and not ALWAYS have it be at my place! Phoenix and Alex had not a SINGLE argument (this is normal for them... they never fight... EVER) the girls were all a bit owly but Kylee spent the night last night and she woke them up at 6 freaking am...

Apparently tomorrow I'm going out with my sister and mother for a bit and then they are taking LIvy home for a sleep over. Dawn's spending the night here then. I have Alex and Kaidence full day on Wednesday. It will be fun for Phoenix to have someone bigger to play with :)

I'm off to have a nice cool bath. Then fans and BED!

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