Monday, October 08, 2007

my life

is not very exciting I guess... but it's mine.

Last night we had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner that I didn't have to cook ;) Surrounded by friends (that are basically family) and my children and love of my life. We stayed far too late watching movies, snuggling a puglet, tell stories... stuffing ourselves silly (well Robyn and I did anyways.)

Today it's house maintenance day. Outside of the house maintenance. Jeff got up on the roof and attempted to fix it. Then he weed hacked, and is currently mowing while I'm on the deck with my lap top. The girls and Loki are playing the shed and running around and Phoenix is sleeping.

We have a very healthy lawn. It was last moved in the beginning of August and with getting moved in, settled and whatnot, Jeff just never got to it again. It was very tall. And very very green. It's very very healthy :) Which is nice because our last lawn sucked ass and was mostly crab grass.

My house interior is messy... ish. I'm deciding not to care today. At the very least the laundry is almost all caught up. Take that maytag.

We have to replace the CV joint (right one) on the van. I'm hoping to sweet talk Mike into helping Jeff. We just can't swing 90$/hour for shop time right now. We own a house... but we're broke ;) Hey at least we have equity right???

My dog is now chasing jeff as he drags a falled tree into the back greenbelt. cool. Okay now he's trying to escape ;)

It's cold. I should put on a sweater. But I won't.

hmm... disjointed much?

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Samurai Shisho said...

Disjointed? Perhaps ... but I love you anyways!